My multisport debut: Unexpected success at the Ouderkerkerplas run-bike-run

Last Saturday I nervously made my debut to multi-sport competition. I took part in the Run-Bike-Run at the Ouderkerkerplas in Amsterdam.

In front of the course map with my bib number. The dark bags under my eyes are from not sleeping well because of pre-race jitters.



This race has a triathlon and a duathlon, and while the triathlon has many participants in different start waves, the run bike run had 8 women this year. I wanted to participate in this race last year, but when I studied the results of the previous years, I realised I would not only be the slowest but that I would finish last by a large margin. 

I calculated this by I simulating the race at home and doing a 5km run, 20km bike and 5km run.

Since then, I worked on my 5km speed, bought a much faster bike and have persistently trained the bike-run transition. I also drove to the course earlier this month and trained the run and bike routes.



I was very surprised to end up 2nd on the podium! 

I am equally amazed and grateful about the result. In 1st is Laura Gorter, who came 6th in the European cross-duathlon Championships in July!


I started out way too fast and averaged 4.5 km/min on the first run. By the fourth kilometer I was completely spent. Just as I contemplated running slower, one of the marshalls shouted that I was the second woman. This made me hang on to my position for dear life.

Final meters of the first run leg. I look much stronger than I felt.

Unfortunately hanging on to my position during the bike leg proved impossible. I was passed by many riders which meant I had to constantly slow down to make sure I wasn’t drafting behind an overtaking cyclist.  I was also passed by the woman in third and lapped (!) by the leading female.

I don’t know why the photo is blurred, it’s definitely not because I was going fast.

I started the second run on weary legs but still manage to finish the 5km in 25 minutes and move up one position.

Despite the rain, the burning lungs and heavy legs, the day was a resounding success. Special thanks to my significant other who had to get up early, stand in the rain and take photos. Without you, the day would have been awful and lonely.

Now it’s time to improve my bike time trial skills and work on my transitions – and to invest in some less short duathlon shorts!

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