Ready, set.. go!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

Or with a small, silly idea that sprung into existence during an period of extreme euphoria – A roundabout way to say:”During a runners-high, I entered a marathon.”

Since I need to do a run early in the morning, I’ll keep it short and bore you with the details later:

The Marathon:
The 2017 NN Marathon Rotterdam in the Netherlands

The high:
While the idea to run the Rotterdam marathon has been lingering in my mind for some weeks, it took an intense week-long runners-high to get me to click on the “Register for the Race” button. Last Sunday I ran a small local 5 km race and came in as the 3rd woman with a time of 22:54.

Third place on the podium at the 5km VathorstRun in Amersfoort


This was the first time I ever placed at any race! Even though it was a small local race, it made a world difference to me to know that I ran faster than 77 other woman on that day. I can feel you reading this and thinking I am some really good athlete or that I have talent or genes or are in some way special, but I assure you that I am not. Three years ago I was a plump girl who couldn’t run for 5 consecutive minutes (and when at last I could I was overtaken by people walking their dogs).But placing third gave me courage and briefly gave me the idea that I could achieve things that previously seemed super human. It was during this brief lapse of reason that I bit the bullet and entered the big one.

And so my journey of thousands of miles starts now; and will begin with a single step in my running shoes tomorrow.

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