Quote of the Week: Nick Symmonds on the kick

Welcome back to the fortnightly instalment of our weekly segment: “Quote of the week”.


That’s right: Like with running, pacing blog posts seems to be surprisingly hard.


So, let’s talk briefly. About pacing.


It feels good pushing yourself too hard from the start and knowing after the race that you absolutely gave it everything. It’s great to turn down the last stretch knowing that you went so hard that you can just barely hang on till you cross the line.


On the other hand, you could start steady, go for the negative split and finish with a little sprint across the line: Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that your pacing-strategy worked out and you have just enough in the tank for a little kick at the end.


Nick Symmonds describes this feeling in Episode 393 of the podcast Marathon Talk. Photo by Freepik.

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