My favorite moments of 2017

Before we reach February and everyone starts to forget that new year’s resolutions are ‘a thing’, I thought I should hurry up and post a belated 2017 retrospective.


Last year has been the most turbulent running year yet. 2017 had fantastic highlights interrupted by the turmoil of nagging injury.


Since we are all still busy grinding away at the resolutions, I’ll keep it short. Here are my 2017 top 10 headlines in chronological order:


14 minute PB at the notorious Egmond half marathon


Canyon Endurance impresses on its maiden ride


3rd place at a local 11km trail run despite months of interrupted running


Joy and relief as the summit of Mont Ventoux is a thing of the past


Unexpected second place in Amsterdam at first duathlon


Hairpin climbs and goat rivals at sunrise: Running in Crete never ceases to amaze

Goat photo credit: abrahamvandervyver 


Disneyland thrills: Encounter with Paula Radcliffe, half marathon fun and countless roller coaster rides


Remember, remember the 5th of November: Marathon debut in Porto


Impulsive marathon entry leads to 3 minute PB in Milan


Parkrun excites with epic family running in South Africa


In short, it was a crazy year for running and cycling that will be near impossible to top!


What were your highlights of 2017? Tell me below how you are planning on exceeding them in 2018!

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